Nivara’s customer identification process will cover the following instances:

  • establishing credentials at the time of account opening
  • during conduct of transactions of limits prescribed by regulatory authorities from time to time
  • when there is a doubt about the authenticity/veracity or the adequacy of the previously obtained customer identification data.

The documentation requirements are given in section "KYC Documentation".

Client accounts opened by professional intermediaries

In cases where Nivara depends on the 'customer due diligence' done by an intermediary, it will ensure that the intermediary is regulated and supervised and has adequate systems in place to comply with the KYC requirements.

Accounts of non-face-to-face customers

In the case of non-face-to-face customers, apart from applying the usual customer identification procedures, Nivara will put in place a system of certification of all the documents and, if necessary, additional documents may be called for.

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