Processing Fees

S. No. Fee Description Quantum of Charges
1 Application processing fee 5,000 (inclusive of Service Tax)
2 Loan processing fee 3.0% + Service Tax

Interest Rate

Nivara’s Loans are offered both on fixed rate and floating rate of interest. Floating rate of interest is linked to Nivara Lending Rate (NLR) which is computed after taking into account all the relevant factors such as cost of funds, margin and risk premium, etc and determine the rate of interest to be charged for floating loans. Currently, the following rates are applicable:

Nivara Lending Rate (NLR) Loan Against Property
Fixed Floating
14% 22% 21%

However, the clients are advised to contact Nivara officials for the exact rates as the applicable rates will be the rates prevalent at the time of disbursement.

Pre-payment and Foreclosure Charges

  • Part- Prepayment/ Foreclosure of Loan on Floating rate of Interest: NIL
  • Part- Prepayment/ Foreclosure of Loan on fixed rate of interest:
    • NIL if loan is foreclosed/part-prepayment from own source of funds
    • If loan is foreclosed from other sources:
      • 4%+ ST as applicable on principle o/s & all part prepayments done in case loan is closed within 12 months from the date of commencement of EMI.
      • 3% + ST as applicable on outstanding principle & all part prepayments done in last 12 months in case loan is closed after 12 months from the commencement of EMI.

Other Charges

S. No. Nature of Charges Quantum of Charges
1 SRO Search, ROC Search, Non-Encumbrance Certificate from SRO, Creation of charge at ROC At actuals for applicable charges
2 Technical Valuation NIL, included in the Processing fee
3 Transaction Handling charges in Balance Transfer 2,500/- + S.T
4 CERSAI Fees 50/- + ST (for loans <= 5 lacs)
100/- + ST (for loans > 5 lacs)
5 PDC / ECS Dishonor 500/- for each PDC / ECS bounce
6 Late Payment 3% per month on Overdue EMIs
7 PDC/ECS Swapping 1,000/- per instance + S.T.
8 Retrieval charges for Copies of loan /property document from Nivara's custody 1,000/- per instance + S.T.+ Courier Charges
9 Charges for Statement of Account / Amortization Schedule / NOC / NDC 500 + S.T.
10 Duplicate Annual Account Statement, Provisional Certificate 500 + S.T.
11 Loan Re-schedulement (at discretion of Nivara) 0.50% of the loan outstanding + Service Tax
12 Swap Charges ((Fixed or semi-fixed rate to floating and vice-versa at discretion of Nivara) 2% of the loan outstanding
13 Disbursement Cheque Cancellation & re-issuance 1,000/- + ST (cancelation Charges) & PEMI will be charged.
14 Disbursement postponement after the Cheque is made

1. If request received within 7 days of the disbursement: 1,000/- + ST.

2. If request received after 7 days of the disbursement: 1,000/- + ST Plus PEMI till the date of cancellation request

Above charges are the standard rates for all customers and would be subject to changes from time to time. Actual charges may differ at the time of sanction / disbursement which will be communicated to the customer.

All charges, interest, taxes, fee, Service tax, levies etc. as prescribed by any statutory/regulatory bodies from time to time shall be borne by the Borrower.

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