Nivara seeks to further its mission by

Catering to the housing finance needs of the un-served and under- served segments of urban and semi-urban Indian markets.

Providing organized home loan solutions to the unorganized sector, especially to the lower and middle income households.

Providing innovative credit delivery mechanism for purchase of homes, construction of homes and undertaking home improvements.

Providing mortgage solutions to the micro, small and medium enterprises including micro-entrepreneurs and small developers.

Providing loans against property for either business or personal consumption.

Core Values

In all our actions we will be bound by the following Core Values in relation to all our stakeholders.

Integrity : Be open and transparent. Fairness in all our dealings, Honesty and Harmony in what we say, do and think.

Trust : Honour our commitments - be trusting, yet prudent.

Quality : Service and Products we are proud to stand behind.

Passion : Perform our roles with enthusiasm, purpose, pride, and a positive attitude with a commitment to succeed.

Innovation : Forward thinking to make a difference to people and also expand our horizons.

Teamwork : Coming, Sharing, Working and Succeeding together.

Dignity and Respect : Treat others better than you expect to be treated. Respect the knowledge, skills, ideas and capabilities of each employee.